Anastasia Soare is an eyebrow expert. She is THE go to professional for Oprah, Penelope Cruz, Jo Lo, Paula Patton and loads of other celebs. As they readied for the Oscars, Hollywood’s Hot List waited in line for Anastasia.
Listen in as Anastasia visits with Ryan Seacrest. Hear that passion? It’s about…EYEBROWS! And so much more. It’s about putting your best foot forward. It’s about art, beauty and commitment to excellence. It’s about glamour! And she has created an amazing business. She’s even developed a huge clientele of men who are proud to tame their unruly eyebrows! (Who knew?)
Check out She offers over 80 products…for EYEBROWS.
I’m super proud of my niece, Monique, one of Anastasia’s fantastic estheticians. Visit her at Nordstrom in Salt Lake City, Utah and experience her deft touch with a brow brush!
You can make a living doing just about anything if you believe in what you do, infuse it with passion and provide rockin’ great service.

xo$, Ellen

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