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Anthony and Rose joined me and Shauna (aka Sha-nomenal!) and the Phenomenal Team at Howard Partridge’s Inner Circle program in Houston.   There, we hosted the FUNomenal Financial Blast.  Owners from 21 companies cleaned up their financials, crunched budgeting numbers, determined selling prices and explored the Financial Quick Check report.  Super Nerdy Fun!  And powerful financial training.  I’m still aglow from the experience.

And apparently Sha-nomenal Shauna made a big impact!  Cute video!  The event was a big hit…and we decided to do it again.  This is a winning way to become a powerful Financial Manager.  Stay tuned…we’ll make an announcement soon!

In the meantime, have you taken  The Biz Plan Challenge Home Edition?  Financial Clean Up…Profitable Business Planning…we are here to help you succeed! This is one BIG product for a “no brainer” price.

xo$, Ellen