No matter what happens with the economy, there will be people who make money. Why not you? Sell stuff for more than it costs. Add value to materials or offer helpful services…and find people who can afford to pay you in exchange. Free trade. As long as there are two people left on the planet, the choices will be the same: Trade or war. Sanity or insanity. Choose trade. And focus on YOUR business. Ignore the economy, as best you can, and pursue the basics. Make money. Pay down debt. Don’t panic. Get clear on what you want and move confidently in that direction.

The Challenge can help. It starts Monday, October 13th. Why not make your dreams your priority? Why not you…and why not now?

“Unless YOU change, nothing will change for you. Once you change, everything changes.” ~ Jim Rohn

Look around you. When the economy is strong or weak, don’t you see folks who never pull it together? Don’t you see folks who always make money? At some point in our lives, we will need a hand. At the least, when we are very young or very old. It is OK to ask for help when you need help. And, you are responsible for lending a hand when you are in a position to help.

Where are you now? Do you need help? Ask for it. Can you lend a hand? Offer it. Together, we can build businesses and expand peace, prosperity and freedom. That we can do…in spite of the nonsense that’s happening on Capital Hill.

Join me for The Challenge.

I visited with one of my clients on Friday. When I met Kieth, he had set a goal of reaching $1Million in Sales. He is heading for $2.5 Million this year. His goal for 2009: $4 Million. He told me he just doesn’t participate

“Ellen opened new windows into running our business. Work with her…it’s an absolute must!”

~Kieth Hilligoss
Air Solutions Heating & Cooling Inc.

Call Kieth at (918) 241-2362 and ask him how he is making money and having fun in spite of all the fearful hyperbole.

Love, peace, $$, freedom,