2.5 day on-site visit with Ellen Rohr

Bare Bones Biz agrees to:

Deliver the The Biz Planning On-Site consulting program. We will …

  • Hit the ground running! We’ll map out the agenda for the 2.5 day visit with you over the phone in two one-hour phone visits.
  • Ellen will visit your shop for two and a half (2.5) days.
  • See Immediate Results…

Each day, the work you do on your Biz Plan will start delivering results in your business and in your life. You will know where you stand, and have a simple path for getting where you want to go. You’ll have clarity on WHY you are in business and WHAT you offer and WHO would spend lots of money with you. You’ll be clear on the score…you’ll know when you are on track, or off track. And you’ll know what needs to be done to get back on track. You’ll be on your way to a better business and a more fulfilling life. You’ll have a PLAN…in writing and in action. That focus means you can work less and achieve more. It’s all about making things…easier!

  • Provide One-to-one personal coaching with Ellen…

You will be working through your customized Biz Plan one-to-one with Ellen. She will be your “Pace Setter”. One step at a time, you will get through it together. And YOU will reap the benefits. You get the WIN! Ellen will take care of the Plan…You will have to keep up…you can do it…one – step – at – a – time!

  • Incorporate The Bare Bones Biz Complete Suite…

For over 20 years Ellen has been growing businesses…her own and others. As a result, she has a GREAT collection of books, forms, files, checklists. These tools can help you build an extraordinary business. And they “dovetail” perfectly with The Bare Bones Biz Plan. Here’s what’s included…

  • Ellen’s three books…Where Did the Money Go?, How Much Should I Charge? and The Bare Bones Biz Plan. (NOTE…you will need The Bare Bones Biz Plan to participate in The Biz Plan Consulting Program. The other two books will help you with exercises on Week Three!
  • ALL the forms to complete The Biz Plan Consulting Program exercises PLUS dozens more!
  • The Complete Suite toolbox on a USP jump drive, is a zip file for each section of The Bare Bones Biz Plan. This means every form we have can be customized for YOU and your business. It is soooo much easier to edit than create from scratch. The Complete Suite may save you YEARS of work...otherwise spent creating your Biz Plan, procedures and systems from scratch.
  • You will also receive the PRINTED version of each book, form, checklist and procedure in the accompanying binder.

In each of these Suites are super useful files that will help you flesh out and EXPAND on the work you are doing to build your winning business plan. Save these files on your computer. Use what you like. Customize these forms to work for YOU. Every form is a result of working with my clients in the “real” world to get focused, keep track, communicate and DO what is needed to make business WORK. Have fun making these tools your own. The result: An extraordinary business…more impact, more money and more fun!

I am INCLUDING it in The Biz Plan Consulting Program. This is a suggestion from a few of our past clients who had purchased The Complete Suite separately and really benefited from the handy “toolbox” of business tools!

2.5 day on-site visit with Ellen Rohr to create and finish your Biz Plan.

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Culver“We have hired Ellen twice over the past year and a half to jump-start our business and straighten out the kinks we put into it over the years. Since following her amazing guidance, we have increased our sales by (gasp!) over 120% this year so far. She has helped us put systems in place to keep us accountable and on-track for success, and help keep the chaos at bay in our business and lives.