2.5 Day Visit with Ellen Rohr

Bare Bones Biz agrees to:

Deliver the Leadership & Accountability consulting program. We will…

  • Hit the ground running! We’ll schedule a 1 (one) 90 minute preparation phone call. We’ll review your current financials, organizational chart and operations. We’ll establish an understanding of your shop before her arrival.
  • Visit your shop for two and a half (2.5) days.
  • Update your Organizational & Flow of Communication Charts. We’ll get clear on the Positions and the Reporting Relationships. We’ll fill in the names…and make sure that the team is clear on Who does What and Reports to Whom. We’ll also do a “growth” version to reflect where you see the company in the next five years. And, we’ll address the “Bench,” the people who fill in for & cover for the “First String.”
  • Review Financial Performance and Accounting systems. Let’s take a look at the overall score and your Budget for 2010. This is essential before you consider any changes to the way you pay…and what projects you are comfortable energizing.
  • Create a Master To Do List and as Top Projects List. We’ll work together to refine your list of projects…and focus on the Top Five.
  • Review Delegation and Accountability Systems. We’ll work in real time on your Calendar to create meaningful meetings – regularly scheduled with a dynamic agenda. We’ll meet in real time with your Direct Reports to hold them accountable for getting daily tasks and assigned projects handled. And, we’ll explore Super Thinking for getting unstuck on tough challenges. As you become a more effective leader and delegated…so do your Direct Reports.
  • Review Compensation and Bonus Program. We’ll take a look at what’s working, what’s not…and create a game plan for updating and simplifying as needed.
  • Accommodate your speed! If you need some more time, we are patient. If you move super fast, we’ve got more to share. We are here to serve you as best we can so that you can expand your Financial and Operational capacity.
  • Provide one-hour weekly follow-up phone meetings and email support for three weeks after the on-site visit.

NOTE…Did we miss anything you want to cover during Ellen’s visit? Let us know…and we can address it. Ellen will provide a detailed agenda prior to her visit.

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Basic questionnaire

Jewitt“I can’t tell you how often I think about what a dear friend you have been and thank you for your influence in my life. You are truly a class act and I want you to know how much I appreciate it. I quote you often and nearly every day read one of your quotes “The way out is through”. Your wakeup call that in order to give away money you have to make it first while obvious, needed to be stated and heard so I could change.

In 2007 I made more money personally and corporately than I had ever made and was able to give away more money than I personally had been earning previous to meeting up with you. In 2008 I increased my personal income with another strong corporate profit and gave away even more money. We use the Financial Quick Check every week in our manager’s meetings.”

Dan Jewitt
Jewitt Roofing Co.


Plumbing & Mechanical magazine cover story February 2006

“At the time I hired Ellen, my books were sufficient for my CPA for taxes but they did not allow me to make good managerial decisions. For example, my insurance, labor, gas, materials, etc. all have gone up dramatically. How can I quickly determine what I should charge and still maintain my desired 20% net profit? How should I control inventory and tools and how should I carry these items on my books? What is an accurate system of job-costing to see what type of work is making me money? Which technicians are bringing in profitable jobs? These are questions I had and together with Ellen, was able to set up systems and re-arrange my books and chart of accounts to solve these problems. If you are thinking of hiring Ellen, do it! It will be the best investment you could make in your company. Best of luck!”

Dan Foley,
Foley Mechanical, Inc.