bsgoBuying, Selling and Getting OUT

Acquisition and Consolidation strategies for EVERY Business.

You don’t need to be a big company to consider Acquisition as a growth strategy. In fact, buying companies is the most cost effective way to GROW. Beats marketing and advertising by a country mile. Join Ellen as she presents 6 Buying Basics for growing your company through strategic Acquisition.

  • Learn how to VALUE a company…yours and others. Ellen will share simple valuation formulas and creative ways to structure a win-win purchase.
  • Finding, approaching, presenting and CLOSING the deal. Step-by-step behaviors for GROWING your company through simple acquisitions.
  • What about the EMPLOYEES? If you don’t provide wealth-building opportunities, they may LEAVE and start their own companies. (Already happened to you?) Learn how to offer a “Stake in the Outcome” without sacrificing your fortune.
  • What about getting OUT? How to create a fortune without enslaving the children.
  • What are the opportunities as an industry? Wall Street basics for understanding the BIG game.
  • This is NOT dry-as-dust accounting. This is “street smart” strategy for creating real wealth in business. You won’t learn this in college…you will learn this at NOWRA.

Course material:

Ellen Rohr can customize this seminar agenda and tie it into the theme of your event. She will demonstrate The Acquisition Action Forms. Ellen will provide the masters for the handout(s) for you to print for your members/clients. You can also post the electronic version on your website.

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