Reward the Right Stuff

Winning Compensation and Bonus programs for you and your team!

Would you like to learn HOW to reward those who go above and beyond at your company…without shooting your PROFITS in the foot.  This program is for you!

  • Your Team LOVES to play games – will it be your game, or something else?
  • Learn how to get your team in on the action.  You canhold them accountable and drive performance that moves you in the direction of your GOALS.
  • Want to write BONUS checks with a smile?  Quit rewarding the WRONG behaviors at your company.  Learn a simple system for rewarding RIGHT STUFF performance.
  • Discover simple Scorecards, grounded in your Budgeted Goals, that will help you know who is winning and who needs HELP!
  • Coaching Basics for creating WINNERS.  The MOST rewarding part of being the boss?  Helping others improve their skills and move up the ladder.  Learn HOW.
  • Overcoming Paycheck Paranoia!  Changing the way you pay makes people NERVOUS.  Learn how to get buy-in at every level of the company.
  • You can play the game YOUR way.  In YOUR game, you win…your customers win…and your TEAM wins!

Course material:

reward the right stuffEllen Rohr can customize this seminar agenda and tie it into the theme of your event.  She will demonstrate the Tech Scorecard and Salary Levels.  Ellen will provide the masters for the handout(s) for you to print for your members/clients.  You can also post the electronic version on your website.

Duesterbeck“The neat thing about this workshop was it addressed what every contractor has experienced when attending a workshop or a seminar. They typically went to a seminar and got a great idea only to wonder whatever happened to that great idea 6 months later. But, not this time! The whole workshop was built to get things changed!”

Pete Duesterbeck
Mid State Supply, Inc.