Where Did the Money Go?

Where Did the Money Go?Where do you learn business basics?  Unfortunately, not in school!  No wonder you don’t know your assets from your liabilities!  In this seminar, you will dive into the numbers and the financial reports… the keys to making money!

  • Why are you here?  There is only ONE answer!
  • The REAL reason you aren’t as successful as you would like to be!
  • How to read Financial Reports… Why? Because it is fun to WIN the game of business.  Because it’s fun to MAKE MONEY.
  • Introducing Bob Bird…we’ll follow a true-to-life business owner as he sets up his company and grows his business.  And we’ll de-mystify all the weird business and financial words as we go.
  • What’s a Balance Sheet?  You’ll learn financial basics that will serve you…from Main Street to Wall Street.
  • What’s an Income Statement?  Discover EASY ways to build this “Scorecard” so that you will know the score…while the game is ON!
  • How to manage your company from a ONE PAGE report.  Want to learn how to make money EVERY MONTH?  This is the KEY.
  • Discuss the industry at large.  What are the opportunities in these exciting, challenging times?

This is no lecture!  This program will be filled with Role Plays, hands-on exercises and lively discussion.

Course material:

Ellen Rohr can customize this seminar agenda and tie it into the theme of your event.  She will demonstrate the Financial Quick Check.  Ellen will provide the masters for the handout(s) for you to print for your members/clients.  You can also post the electronic version on your website.


NCSG“Thank you so much for your incredible support as we prepared for our convention at Mohegan Sun! Ellen, the response has been incredible on all three of your presentations. Thank you again for your enthusiasm and the overall professionalism and quality of your program. I hope our members take advantage of the follow up services you have offered to them! I would certainly be interested in incorporating you and your message into our ongoing member programs!”

Mark T. McSweeney
Executive Director – National Chimney Sweep Guild

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