How to UN-Complicate Communication!

We have 24 hours a day to create the life and business we want. While we can't manufacture more time, we can revisit how we spend it.  In my companies (and yours?) we can leverage time by streamlining communication. It's challenging enough to stay in good communication with the ones we love and live with.  (Are [...]

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Become a No Drama Leader

Greetings! Got drama?  Have you had it with complaining and blaming?  Maybe even backstabbing?  Every team goes through good times and bad times.  However, there are thing you can do – and NOT do! - that will help you and your team live in peace, harmony and productivity.  It comes down to leadership. My pal [...]

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Skip the Pep Talk – How to Improve Employee Morale

Attitude: a mental position or feeling with regard to a fact or state. As business owners, we love to discuss ways to improve our employees’ attitudes. Throw a party! Tell inspiring stories at the company meeting! Put Successories™ posters on the wall! Give ‘em a pep talk. These things aren’t bad. But, none of those [...]

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