Business Makeover Tip #2: Be Brave

I met a fellow named David recently.  He is working on an exciting business project.  There are a lot of unknowns with this project, and a significant financial investment.  As we were discussing the long list of things to do, I asked David, “The scope and risk of this business venture don’t seem to worry [...]

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The Secret Power of Gratitude for Business Today

How a simple “thank you” can increase your revenue Economic times being what they are, business people are leaving no stone unturned in search of revenue generating ideas. While the days of lavish parties and expensive junkets may be over, there is one very simple, inexpensive way to increase revenue. It’s a tactic that’s been [...]

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Business Survival Skills…for Inmates

About a year ago, I received a book order for 30 books from Corrections Corporation of America. Hmm. I wondered about that. Then, I got busy and forgot about it. Recently, I received another order from Corrections Corporation of America…for another 30 books. This time, I followed my curiosity and called the phone number on [...]

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