• Ellen Rohr and Howard Partridge

Are you Avoiding your Financials?

Maybe because they're a mess.  Maybe because you don't want to know.  Maybe because you'll have to start holding someone - you? - accountable for getting them caught up and accurate?  Maybe you don't really know what to look at or how to use them.  Maybe because you'll have to...change? My friend Howard Partridge is [...]

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Make Debt Reduction a Team Sport

Business burdens don’t have to be tackled alone. Sometimes you need a helping hand. Overcoming challenges like debt can be a overwhelming task, but you might have more help that you realize. Use your ASSETS to help you take aligned action. Allow what you HAVE, not the worry of what you owe, to guide you [...]

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7 Tips to Dig Out of Debt

Debt as a national challenge is connected to rampant, unchecked individual debt. I’m not lecturing, I’m just saying. Many households overspend. Many companies run at a loss, year after year. Debt is how you keep the balls in the air. But you can hold them up there only so long. The good news is that [...]

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5 Financial Survival Tips for the Suddenly Single

Perhaps you’ve opted for the stay-at-home lifestyle. You can get by on one person working and you are prioritizing children and family. Very cool! However, are you putting yourself at risk financially? Stuff happens. What if you were suddenly single? Would you be just fine? Or would you have to dig yourself out of a [...]

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Down with DEBT

I love helping people! One of the biggest challenges I encounter is the suffocating burden of debt. Money buys options. Debt eliminates options. Do you struggle under the mounting pressure of debt…personally and/or in your business? You are not alone. The statistics on debt are troubling: The average American household has 13 payment cards (credit [...]

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Offense and Defense in the Small Business Game

In the small business game, making Sales is playing offense. If you play offense well enough, you can make a few mistakes on defense and still win the game. If your Sales are down, playing defense becomes more important. In business, defense is controlling costs. The business owners I know who make money every month [...]

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Katherine to Warren: I need financial help.

Once upon a time, Business Mogul Warren Buffett bought the Washington Post newspaper. The previous owner and publisher at the time was Katharine Graham. Her father built the paper and