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Where’s the Money?

Hotrod and I spent the weekend at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) Energy Fair.  Hotrod represented Caleffi and put on a couple of workshops on Solar heating and troubleshooting.  It was fun to watch him present!  He is so smart...and knows so much about this brilliant, planet saving technology.  I am proud of him, [...]

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The Solyndra Shame

In 2011, a solar panel manufacturer in California named Solyndra filed for bankruptcy and left 1,000 workers jobless. Solyndra would have been just been the story of a company that tried to develop a unique non-silicone photovoltaic panel and hit a ditch when silicone prices plummeted. The scandal that followed was because Solyndra received over [...]

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Less whining. More doing.

“Keep walking, Fievel.” ~ from An American Tale Enough with the Whining… It was the incessant discussion of per gallon fuel prices that pushed me over the edge. “I paid $2.89 this morning.” “You think that’s bad. I tried to fill up at $3.05 and the pump shut off at $100. Couldn’t even fill the [...]

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