College ain’t all it’s cracked up to be…

Greetings! Ah, the springtime high school grads are off and running. To college or to new jobs. Time to flex those wings, dear ones, and fly in the direction of what you want. Remember that… * College is great…but a college degree is NO indication of future success. * Your current job is but a [...]

College ain’t all it’s cracked up to be…2016-12-01T14:55:22+00:00

Dreaming of FREEDOM this Holiday Season…

Greetings!I LOVE visiting the Commercial Cleaning Class at the Davis Correctional Facility. (This is me, Gail and Max at the gate.) These fellows are the least whiney people I know. They don't care about the economy. They are just focused on getting their chance. Dues paid, time spent...they are anticipating freedom."How do you know when [...]

Dreaming of FREEDOM this Holiday Season…2016-12-01T14:55:26+00:00

Freedom…through the FIRE!

Greetings!I am working with a group of Chimney Sweeps, helping them build their Biz Plans, in a private Challenge program. I LOVE Sweeps! I am so appreciative of the valuable skills that they bring to our world. They help keep us safe when we play with, and heat with, fire. It's an honor to work [...]

Freedom…through the FIRE!2016-12-01T14:55:26+00:00