I LOVE visiting the Commercial Cleaning Class at the Davis Correctional Facility. (This is me, Gail and Max at the gate.) These fellows are the least whiney people I know. They don’t care about the economy. They are just focused on getting their chance. Dues paid, time spent…they are anticipating freedom.

“How do you know when to hire your first employee?”

“How important is the company name?”

“How much inventory should you start with?”

Chris and his brother are starting a cleaning business. He can quote every line from The E Myth. He has his Biz Plan carefully crafted. His questions are spot-on great business questions. The young man is poised to win. Can he craft a safe, successful company, for him…for his brother? They have spent much of their lives behind bars. Chris wants to make a different life this time around. Will he make it?

I’m betting on it.

xo$, Ellen

PS What is holding YOU back? Pursue the freedom….