Max is a recent grad of the U of Utah. He bleeds crimson and is deeply committed to all things Ute. In 2004, the Utes played in the Fiesta Bowl, capping a rockin’ undefeated season. Max, a fellow of few regrets, did inded regret not going to that game.

This year, the Utes rocked it again. New coach, new players…and an even better season. Max took a couple of pals and his cousin Kelly on a road trip. They were at the game last night, the Sugar Bowl at the Superdome. Utah soundly trounced the Crimson Tide. Max and entourage had one of the best times of their young lives.

It was fun to watch the game on TV, knowing they were there, afloat in a sea of red tshirts and facepaint. It was cool to get a ‘texted picture’, the size of my pinky fingernail, of the field and the crowd, from Max’s phone. It was great to feel some of the excitement and joy they were feeling. How cool to see the football player, the fans…just kids have a BLAST. I’m proud of Max for setting his sights on what he wants and making it happen. He is young…and just getting started on his lifetime of adventure.

Joy and heartbreak. It was then that I also learned that Jett Travolta, 16 years young, had died. I’ve always loved John Travolta. I imagine him living a golden life. Yet, yesterday…today…I imagine him breathing through a crush of heartbreak. Our kids are these wonderful visitors who invite us to share their lives with them…for a little while. The joy and the heartbreak.

Love, love, love,