It was a big day for Bare Bones Biz! Our virtual team got together yesterday. Hurray! Gail and Eleanor (Yai Yai) wrapped up 2008 and got ready for Uncle Sam. Shauna is ready to expand our seminar and consulting reach. Michelle is geared up to grow our online services. Jon is making sure that it all works in electronic mode.

We are bound by our mission…to help expand freedom. Now, more than ever, honorable free trade is a powerful way to promote peace, prosperity and freedom across the universe.

I am delighted to get to play with these amazing people. We are here for you and for each other. We are here to serve, to grow, to love. And to have fun. Mostly to have fun. And tease Jon about his Sarah Palin glasses.

“For all that has been, ‘Thanks.’ For all that will be, ‘Yes!” ~Dag Hammarskjold

Love, love, love,

Ellen xo$