Robert is a student in Randy Mackenzie’s Commercial Cleaning Class at Davis Correctional, Holdenville, OK. Randy teaches cleaning skills…and so much more. I visit his class every 6 weeks to work on business planning with the students.

Robert sits in the front row. He has never missed a class…and that takes some doing given the restraints of incarcerated life. He is always impeccably groomed and dressed. He participates in every activity and is super supportive of his fellow students. He skips lunch so that we can review his business plan together. And, what a Biz Plan he has! Reasonable, financially sound…and inspiring! He has a Biz Plan for a landscaping company that could deliver positive cash flow from day one. He has a written set of standards, including regular drug testing. Focused…and absolutely achievable.

He is fired up, excited and ready to go. He intends to establish a safe, drug free company…a prosperous opportunity for those who want to improve their lives. He intends to make a great life for himself and his family, and his community.

He is up for parole this month.

Now…would you hire him or use his company if you knew he had a felony record?

You know, I have visited lots of contracting companies, much like the one in Robert’s Biz Plan. Most of them don’t drug test. Many of them send people who regularly use drugs to your home or place of business. Interesting.

Here’s to second chances.

Love, peace, $$, freedom,

Ellen xo$