I believe! I believe in the transformative power of forgiveness. I believe in the basic goodness of people. I believe in miracles and the scientific process.
I believe in business. I believe your own winning business is a way to expand peace, prosperity and freedom across the planet. I love free trade…you have something I need or want. I have something you need or want. Let’s work it out…peacefully. That’s good business and that inspires me.

I believe in the power of a smile. And the healing effect of laughter. I believe it is just fine if you don’t believe as I do. I believe in diversity and creativity. I believe in being of service. I believe in doing things because they feel good. I believe in cultivating joy and happiness. I believe in love love love. I believe in family…and that I won the lottery with mine.

What do you believe? What would you go to the wall for?
xo$, Ellen