Has Drinking Become a Problem?

Craig was a rising star in the company.  He had so much energy.  He always had a big smile on his face, and loved to laugh.  And, he was skilled.  He had only been in the field a few months but he was showing great potential with his technical and sales skills. Then, one [...]

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Do You Love Your Employees?

I love sharing the best of what I have learned in my long life and career.  Mostly, I speak about simple financial systems and UN-complicated business planning. However, in most of my presentations, the conversation settles on employees.  You need some help if you are going to clean up your financials, set up great scorekeeping [...]

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Lost a Great Employee to the Competition?

Oh, it breaks my heart when this happens:  A good team member...leaves.  A client of mine called and told me that one of his key team members resigned.  Let's call the employee Dan. (Know that that's not his real name, and this story is a mashup.)  Dan is a great guy and had been with [...]

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Home Grown Peas (and Business) Tastes Better

Yikes! I got spanked in a teleseminar the other day. I shared some thoughts about how to have the “difficult conversation.” You know the one…about hygiene and grooming. Best to head the issue off at the pass, so I offered tips for updating the Operations Manual and creating a culture of good manners. That’s a [...]

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Are Your Employees Pushing the Boundaries? How to Curb Unacceptable Employee Behavior!

Recently I got this question from a concerned business owner regarding an employee: Dear Ellen, My one and only employee is always pushing the boundaries. He knows he is supposed to keep his uniform shirt tucked in. Today, he showed up with his shirt untucked. Even worse, underneath his white shirt he was wearing a [...]

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