Unleash Your Beast

It has been a hot week, topped off by a scorching Sunday afternoon.  I emerged from the air-conditioned office to find Hot Rod working in his shop.  He didn’t notice the heat or the humidity, and barely noticed me.  He was engrossed in creative effort, making something out of something else…a beautiful, multicolored, hand-crafted bowl.  [...]

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Public Relations Tips for Small Business

These tips are just a BASIC outline. This will get you started for a creating effective conversations, systems and training at your company. The best plan is to prevent customer and public relation challenges by doing a great job and communicating effectively. Communication Rescue is about turning an unhappy customer into a happy customer…and keeping [...]

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A Partnership of Planned Success

Sandi and Peggy were laid off from their executive jobs after 9/11. They had worked together on a few complex projects and dealt with high level stress situations. They liked and respected each other and felt a kinship of shared values. As they considered next moves they discovered they both wanted to a grow a [...]

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