Sandi and Peggy were laid off from their executive jobs after 9/11. They had worked together on a few complex projects and dealt with high level stress situations. They liked and respected each other and felt a kinship of shared values. As they considered next moves they discovered they both wanted to a grow a business, not get another job.

So, and this is the amazing part, they put together a business plan. They did this first, before they launched their business. Before they sunk a fortune into a runaway-horse of an ill-conceived idea, they actually planned their success. Perhaps that’s why they grew from start up with an initial $3000 investment in 2003 to $5 million in revenue in 2010. They are revved up and plan-ready for

$10 million in sales this year. Wow. Peggy and Sandi are humble yet confident. To use their own adjectives, they are reasonable and practical. They lay out their plans for marketing, sales, operations and finance. They look for holes and potential problems and refine the plan. Then they commit. They are frugal and functional in their spending. My friend, finance wiz Libby Ladu, and I will be interviewing Peggy and Sandi on March 30th. Mark your calendar and check it out. These two have so much to share about dream building and down-to-earth accountability.

Business planning is a powerful way to get what you want out of life and business. Planned or be planned for. If you don’t choose, you run the risk of being at the effect of others whims and intentions. We are too old to waste time. Why not ask and answer the question, “What do I really want?” Write it down and make it happen. Because what you really, really want will be really good for you and the rest of us, too.

So, better saddle up for Step by Step. It’s a focused, simple approach to fundamental change. Check it out!