The Law of Freedom

What appeals to me about running is that there is no good reason to do it.  I mean, jogging a few miles for fitness' sake...that makes sense.  But 26.2 miles through mountains, rocks, tree roots, mud and nasty weather?  There is absolutely no reason to do that.  Yet, I want to do it.  This is fun for [...]

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  • Is Your Business Killing You?

Is Your Business Killing You?

I got into the family plumbing business when my husband's partner died.  My husband, Hotrod, and his best friend, Richard Yox, started the company together.  They had been friends since they were 8 and 9 years old.  While Hotrod is a laid back guy, Yox could get wound up.  His health, while not great to [...]

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Public Relations Tips for Small Business

These tips are just a BASIC outline. This will get you started for a creating effective conversations, systems and training at your company. The best plan is to prevent customer and public relation challenges by doing a great job and communicating effectively. Communication Rescue is about turning an unhappy customer into a happy customer…and keeping [...]

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Dealing with Customer Complaints

You are building your company with the highest intentions. You are pursuing a lofty Mission. You are working passionately and tirelessly to create a company that dazzles your customers with wonderful products and services. You are building Procedures to deliver your USP consistently. You are training your team to do the right things. Still…at some [...]

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