7 Sports Philosophies Every Business Should Implement

I love sports.  I especially love the big games – the playoffs and the championship events.  How ‘bout them Redbirds!  The Yankees pulled it off after a season of dead heat with the Orioles.  More good games to come!  And, I love the “more to the story” details the sportscasters share.  I love hearing that [...]

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The Games People Play

I have a big, noisy, fun family.  Growing up, we lived around the corner from the McCartheys, a family with a set of kids that matched ours.  So, we hung out together.  Not all together.  The big kids hung together.  The middle kids hung together.  And the youngest kids, my group, wished we could hang [...]

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Set a Goal and Go for the Gold

While she was white-knuckle-scared as we walked to the top of the slide, Zoe experienced the pure joy of swooshing down at the speed of light (albeit slowed some by the burlap bag.) Isn’t it a blast to set a goal, face the fear, take the risk and GO?! Yes! From there, you can go [...]

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Ditch the Pitch

You’re at a networking event. One by one everyone stands up and gives their elevator pitch. They’re going around the room, table by table. Pretty soon it’s your turn. Your heart starts beating fast. You break out in a sweat. You have one shot to let everyone in the room hear your pitch. What are [...]

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Skip the Pep Talk – Part Two

Do you have an underperformer? Dreading the confrontational conversation about his performance? Here’s a little Role Play video with ideas for being clear, gaining understanding and getting commitment to improved performance! Skip the pep talk. Help him WIN!

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Snappy Answers to Tough Questions – The Games People Play

Dear Ellen, We have a good compensation program at our company. The Salespeople get commission for their performance. Lately, it just seems to be a little bit stale. Like the team isn’t really motivated by the bonuses. What can I do to fire things up? Sincerely, “Lost the Spark” Dear “Sparky,” People love to play [...]

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One and done…how much TRY will you buy?

I LOVE the NCAA tournament. It's one and done. You win or go home. At General Electric, Inc. Jack Welch told his team that they would be #1 or #2 in every market they entered...or they would go home. And he gave them a limited time to do it. One or two quarters sometimes. He [...]

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