College ain’t all it’s cracked up to be…

Greetings! Ah, the springtime high school grads are off and running. To college or to new jobs. Time to flex those wings, dear ones, and fly in the direction of what you want. Remember that… * College is great…but a college degree is NO indication of future success. * Your current job is but a [...]

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Three words to close…

Greetings!I was supposed to be on-stage to do a presentation in two hours. I opened my suitcase and - gasp - realized I had left my snazzy outfit hanging on my closet door back home. Yikes! Then, a miracle happened. I looked out of my hotel window...and right across the street was a Saks Fifth [...]

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Down with Tolerance…

Greetings!It isn't ok to just tolerate people. Instead, we could accept, allow, include and celebrate everyone...regardless of skin color, language, sex, sexuality and religious belief.What we shouldn't tolerate? Bullying. It's where the seeds of hate are born. When we tolerate bullying (from exclusion to verbal barbs to outright violence) we are complicit in that hatred.I [...]

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Friends for 36 years…

Greetings!Look how cute we are! Courtney, Maureen, Cathy and I have been friends since freshman year in high school. I am so pleased that we have maintained our friendship. We love hanging out and make each other laugh. Courtney lives in Utah, Maureen in North Carolina, Cathy in Wisconsin...and I live in Missourah. Our next [...]

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Sell stuff for more than it costs…

Greetings!I had HOOT with the biz building women at the Make Mine a $1 Million event in Florida. I was asked what great advice one of my mentors had given me. What words of wisdom changed my life for the better? Here you go..."Sell stuff for more than it costs." ~Frank Blau (Thanks, Frank!)Yep, the [...]

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While others shrink…it’s time to go go grow!

Greetings!Come on. Put your big pants on. Step into some high heels. Quit quivering and GROW your company. The money is there and the time is NOW.Of course. I want you to keep score (KFP is the place to be!) and make good financial decisions. This is all about your CHOICE to expand. Craft your [...]

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Barack and Roll! NOW is the time to go go GROW…

Greetings!Wow...what a thrill to cast my ballot in this year's election. How COOL it is that we can peacefully choose. And CONGRATULATIONS, President Elect Barack Obama! And, you get it, don't you, that it just doesn't make any difference who is in the White House when it comes to your personal and business success? You [...]

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A Million Women… a Million $1Million Businesses…

Greetings!On October 22nd, I am going to be meeting with an amazing group of women business owners. The Make Mine a $1Million winners have committed to growing their businesses to $1Million in sales...asap. How cool is that? I get to help them do sharing my bare bones business basics. (I'm putting together a special [...]

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