Build your own, customized, profitable business plan for 2014…and beyond!

Ellen Arms Folded“Set a goal of becoming a millionaire. Not for the money, but for what it will make of you to achieve that goal.”
~Jim Rohn

and the money is nice, too.

As a Business Makeover Expert, I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners. I’ve studied many more. This is what I know about successful business owners:

1They are clear about WHAT they want…and WHY.


They take Aligned ACTION to achieve their goals.

Those business owners who are commit to these 2 simple philosophies have less stress, have better relationships, and have more fun in their businesses.  And they make more money!


Today, I am challenging you.

Are you ready? To ask and answer the big questions? To put a profitable business plan in place and commit to making your dreams come true?

Join me for The Biz Plan Challenge!

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Weekly Webinar Meetings

The Biz Plan Challenge is an interactive weekly Webinar program. We will meet on GoToWebinar each week for eight consecutive weeks.

Each Webinar is live. We’ll preview the exercises for each section of your business plan. We’ll review your homework and answer questions. We’ll cheer each other on. At the end of the program, you will have your own customized business plan, reflecting your refined intention with a clear set of actions to help you – and your team – make it happen.

Between Webinars, you and your team can work on business planning exercises that will help you build your business plan and assemble your Biz Plan Binder

Your business plan is a summary of WHAT you want, WHY, and HOW you are going to get it done.

up_arrowThe Biz Plan Challenge will help you…

  • Get focused. Your business plan is a summary of what you want, and why, and how you are going to get it done.
  • Get going. A solid business plan prioritizes what needs to get done now. It allows you to streamline your day and eliminate tasks that take you off track. Less time and energy…more results. A business plan is motivating because you have mapped out what you are going to do.
  • Get profitable. A good business plan creates profits. And, the plan helps you respond and recover when you try something that just doesn’t work. (It happens!)

We Will Cover the 6 Sections of The Bare Bones Biz Plan

  1. Setting Sight: What do we want and why? Creating your Mission Statement, Elevator Speech, and Goals.
  2. Building the Team: Who does what? Who reports to whom? What’s in it for them? Developing the Organizational Chart and Position Descriptions.
  3. Making Money: Where do we stand financially? How do we make more money? How much should we charge? Crafting your Budget, Selling Price and powerful financial systems.
  4. Getting it Done: What needs to happen now? Next? By whom and by when? Learning how to Delegate and assembling your Top Projects and Master To Do Lists.
  5. Getting it Sold: Whom do we serve? What makes us different and better? How do we get the phone ringing with the right calls at the right time from the right customers? Building your Marketing Plan and “adopting” a Sales Training system.
  6. Making Sure: How will we know when we have done a great job? What do we do if we screw up? What next? Creating systems for getting back on track.

You get me, too!