the business basics

The Business Basics from Ellen Rohr

I’m Ellen Rohr, a small business expert with LOADS of experience starting, fixing and growing extraordinary businesses. Its all about the business basics. If you are are ready to start a business or if you are struggling with one, I’m here to help. To create a great business, you need a business plan. That’s why I created a simple process to help you create your own personalized plan. The Bare Bones Biz Plan is designed to take you step by step through the business planning process. I will guide you through each step, one step a week, for six weeks.

Don’t be distracted by a “canned” business plan template. Don’t try to copy someone else’s business plan outline. Create a solid business on your own. A business plan can help you get focused and hold yourself accountable for getting things done. I can help you clarify what it is you WANT from business and make it happen!