Winning ‘More Than Your Fair Share’ of Publicity and Media Exposure

Each of us, according to the experts, has a measurable intelligence quotient, or IQ.  Our IQs set a benchmark of what we should be able to achieve intellectually in life.  Many of us overachieve, while others under-perform. Like intelligence, each business and professional practice has an inherent publicity quotient, or PQ.  It is a benchmark [...]

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80+ products for eyebrows…

Greetings!Anastasia Soare is an eyebrow expert. She is THE go to professional for Oprah, Penelope Cruz, Jo Lo, Paula Patton and loads of other celebs. As they readied for the Oscars, Hollywood's Hot List waited in line for Anastasia. Listen in as Anastasia visits with Ryan Seacrest. Hear that passion? It's about...EYEBROWS! And so much [...]

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Twitter like you mean it. JahFurry knows…

...the how and low down. Greetings! Did you miss my Telseminar with Jeff Newelt? Listen up. JahFurry is worth listening to...and learning from. How to tweet, facebook, blog, potent, spreadable, authentic ways. Click Here to Listen or "Rip open your chest and let 'em see your heart." ~Dale Carnegie xo$, Ellen

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