Does Your Business Suck?

…the time, the money, the life right out of you?

small business expert

You could fix it. You’ve come to the right place. And, if you are flirting with a business idea, I can help you start one that doesn’t suck.

I’m Ellen Rohr, a small business expert with LOADS of experience starting, fixing and growing extraordinary businesses using bare bones business planning basics.

A business plan can help you…

  • Get clear.
  • Get going.
  • Get profitable!

Get focused and hold yourself (and your team!) accountable for creating your dream business. Don’t bother with one of those “canned” business plan templates. Don’t try to copy someone else’s business plan outline. I can help you clarify what it is you WANT from business – and life – and make it happen.



bbbp_3dThe Bare Bones Biz Plan takes you through a six week process to build your business plan…and assemble your custom Biz Plan Binder. Focus on each component of your business for one week…and at the end of six weeks you will have a rock solid, yet flexible and dynamic, business plan. Your Biz Plan Binder will guide you and drive you to implementing the plan.