You, Me and a Budget Spreadsheet

Budgeting.  UGH. I call it the "B Word" because so many people are resistant to the word BUDGETING. Nobody wants to Budget, right?  Budgeting is all about deprivation and doing without.  It's like...gulp...dieting. Budgeting doesn't have to be a soul-sucking, frustrating experience.  The way I teach it is fun, easy and powerful.  From Main Street [...]

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3 New Years Resolutions You Should NEVER Make

Oh, the lists are lining up!  Tis the season for the “Best Of” and the “Worst Of” and the requisite “Resolutions for the New Year.”  The pressure is on to make this year better, bigger, more profitable than 2012.  Perhaps the way to more…is with less.  Less pressure.  Less stress.  Less disappointment and self-flagellation.  Let’s [...]

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Offense and Defense in the Small Business Game

In the small business game, making Sales is playing offense. If you play offense well enough, you can make a few mistakes on defense and still win the game. If your Sales are down, playing defense becomes more important. In business, defense is controlling costs. The business owners I know who make money every month [...]

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Latest, greatest…and FREE!

Greetings! We have sold over 60,000 books at !! Wow! And, we offer a pdf copy of our best seller - Where Did the Money Go? - Accounting Basics for the Business Owner Who Wants to Get Profitable! - on our website. We want to expand business literacy and help folks make more money [...]

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The “B” Word

How’s business?  Are you happy with it? Are you better off than you were in at the beginning of the year?  Are your relationships more rewarding?  Is your bank account bigger? “You may delay but time will not.” ~Benjamin Franklin You have an opportunity to create the life you want starting right now.  It’s time [...]

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