New Years ResolutionsOh, the lists are lining up!  Tis the season for the “Best Of” and the “Worst Of” and the requisite “Resolutions for the New Year.”  The pressure is on to make this year better, bigger, more profitable than 2012.  Perhaps the way to more…is with less.  Less pressure.  Less stress.  Less disappointment and self-flagellation.  Let’s flip some common resolutions over and allow for surprising success in 2013!

Here are 3 New Year’s Resolutions about money you should never make…

  1. “I’m going to stick to a budget.”  You know, I am a big fan of business planning and budgeting.  I understand the power of clarity and intention.  Still, stay open to serendipity.  The budget, the biz plan, these are just vessels.  In the vessels, all kinds of wonderful things can take form.  Craft your vision, take aligned action and measure results.  Be flexible and be kind to yourself.  Adjust your plan as needed.  If you aren’t hitting your budget, try some different actions.  Make more outbound sales calls.  Get 12 solid testimonials and create a solid postcard or social media campaign bragging on your customers.  Raise your selling prices.  Take a sales course.  Those actions should produce some result.  Try something.  Or, you can tweak the budget.  Comb through the expenses and see what you can do without.  A little of both is a good strategy.  (Hmmm.  This is something our elected officials seems to have a tough time understanding.)

    Instead say, “I lay claim to what I want.  I plan for it…I act on it.  And I allow it – or something better – to come to me.”

  2. I’m going to make more money.  Watch out for resolutions that imply that what you have been doing isn’t good enough.  It creates an energy of lack.  Everything that you have done has led you to right now and the point of power is now.  Now is the opportunity to create whatever you want without judging the past.  And, eliminate the “I’m going” part of the affirmation, for all your resolutions.  Skip the future tense and speak in the present tense.

    Instead say, “I am so grateful to be earning at least $_____ every _____.

  3. I’m going to take my business seriously.  Really?  I suggest you lighten up and be less serious about it all.  When you relax, your vision and your thinking expand.  When I am getting stressed, I hold my breath.  Just remembering to breeeaaatthhe helps me relax and explore my options.  Energy is contagious.  When you are uptight, watch the effect it has on your team, your family.  When you take it easy, everyone around you relaxes and becomes more productive, too.  Hang out with a smiley baby and feel the joyous effect.

    Instead say, “I choose to feel good and embrace happiness as I grow my business.”

More 2013 Resolution Tips…

  • Speak of what you want, not of what you don’t want.  Thoughts beget reality and your words evidence your thoughts.  So, listen to yourself and apply some discipline to your words.  Stop talking when you are reinforcing bad news, spreading gossip, being sarcastic or just plain nasty.  And speak in the present tense.
  • Meditate.  Spend a few minutes a day in silence.  Allow yourself time and space to receive inspiration.  It takes practice.  You can take a class or read a book.  Oprah and Deepak Chopra just teamed up for a terrific meditation series.
  • Expect miracles. Whatever your personal spirituality, we may agree that this world is a pretty amazing place.  This human experience is a gift.  The suffering, the sorrow, the joy, the pleasure…it is all part of a powerful human experience.  Consider the gift of this lifetime and expect wonderful things to happen.  Sometimes awful things happen.  Sometimes miracles grow in that soil.  Keep your chin up.
  • Read and listen to inspiring stories.  Subscribe to positive “Thought of the Day” email lists.  Mike Dooley writes a terrific daily email from “The Universe.”  This post reflects the heart of my 2013 philosophy.  Enjoy!

“If you were able to look back at your most brilliant successes, stunning comebacks, amazing catches, and smokin’ ideas and you were to find that virtually all