Chris solves the uniform challenge!I get all fired up reading about cool, inspiring people who live interesting lives and create profitable businesses.  We hear a lot about their hard work.  But I’m not buying it.  Here’s what I’ve noticed they do instead…

1. They don’t work that hard.

Super successful entrepreneurs work less hard than they used to – and than we do! – and get more accomplished.   They are clear on what they want, so they can say, “No, thanks,” to things that don’t line up.  This is liberating and time expanding.  And, let’s address how hard any of this is.  Jim Rohn defines “easy” as something you can do.  For them, for us, any of the challenges you face can be done with some focus and discipline.  That’s easy.  Hard?  Hard is finding water in a land that has none.  Hard is recovering from a serious, traumatic injury.  Perhaps we should reserve the word “hard” for things that really are.

2. While they may not quit, they will pitch and pivot.

They don’t mind failing because they understand that they are not their business.  If their mission is to be the biggest company on the planet, they will craft a plan, play it out, measure progress…and adjust.  What doesn’t work goes, with less drama.  And then they plan and play out the next thing.  They don’t associate themselves with the business, so if the business has to change, that doesn’t lead to an identity crisis.  They will pursue their passion and mission, but the business itself can change as needed.  That keeps them loose and flexible without losing sight of the long game.

3. They let their team play

The front line folks…they know how to solve the problems that are stuck on your list.  They understand your customers better than you do because they interact with them every day.  Great entrepreneurs honor the team.  They ask good questions and listen.  You could start delegating or…or better.  You can develop  this skill.  Check out Chris at Zoom Drain.  His assigned Project:  Find a better uniform option.  Uniforms are often a real hassle for employees.  Itchy, ill fitting, poorly maintained by the service…you get the idea.  So, instead of the Owner making the uniform decision, he asked Chris, a Service Tech, to take the Project.  Chris did a rockin’ job!  He narrowed the decision down to two companies.  He had lots of plug-and-play options that would suit the skinny techs and the bigger guys, as well as those who run cold and those who are always hot.  And he got a great price and service package from each of the two finalist.  All the Owner had to say is, “Which one should we go with?”  Nice!

Take a look at this: 8 Things Entrepreneurial People Do Differently. Good stuff! Thanks, Joe Van Brussel. @joevanbrussel  This inspired my blog today!