The Upside of Fear

Weldon Long

Weldon Long spent 14 years in prison.  7 years into his sentence, he had a humbling, leveling moment where he realized that everything that he was afraid of he had brought into his life.  He was afraid of becoming an addict, of getting arrested, of losing his family…and all those things happened.  He decided to try out the idea that, if he was so powerful, perhaps he should focus on what he wanted to happen…not what he didn’t want.  As he says, “I read everything I could get my hands on about self help, from The Bible to Stephen Covey to Tony Robbins.  I started practicing being the man I wanted to be.”  When he was released from prison, he got a job, made the most of it, and used it as a springboard to start his own business.

He bought an HVAC company and grew it to $20 million in sales.  Sure, he had his ups and downs along the way, however he was committed to his own, and his team’s, success.  Now, he is living his dream of being an inspirational speaker, focusing on The Power of Consistency – getting right in your mind and spirit so you can get what you want out of life.  So you can live a life of joy and service.  I love this guy!!

I was star struck to meet him in person as a guest on his Prosperity TV program.  Thanks Weldon!  Thanks to your rockin’ team, too.  You are so kind and generous and inspiring!

And, check out Weldon’s books and programs, including The Upside of Fear, the story of his journey.  I stayed up all night one night and read the whole book straight through.  AWESOME!!

PS…The Biz Plan Challenge starts tomorrow.  Just because, I kept the Early Bird pricing up on the site.  If you are on the fence, jump off and sign up!

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