Do What You CanSigh.  It’s been a tough week.  There is the stress that the Holidays can bring.  And, we have been frustrated by political infighting about the fiscal cliff and the national debt.  Then, the tragedy of another senseless mass murder, inexplicably taking the lives of first graders and their teachers.  What to think?  What to do?  It can be paralyzing.

Do what you can.  Do what is in front of you.  Let go of that which is beyond your control.  These are the thoughts that got me out of bed and into life this morning.

Is my house in order?  While last week it seemed like the world would come to an end if we head over the “fiscal cliff.”  Now, we have this in perspective.  It’s just another day of politics when the left and the right argue about taxes and debt and budgets.  We can be informed and involved citizens. We can contact our representatives with our opinions and cast our votes.  More importantly, we can clean up our own financial situations.  Debt as a nation is a result of individual debt.  We can impact the whole by committing to get our own debt reduction plan in action.  We can balance our budgets by adding more income (raise prices, increase sales) and controlling expenses.  That’s good stewardship.  We can do that.

Am I impeccable with my word?  As a nation, we discuss the Newtown tragedy and debate our national fiscal policy…in the news, on Facebook.  It’s easy to slip into anger and hyperbole.  What we can do is communicate authentically.  We can be kind and reasonable.  We can listen before we start talking.  We can be honest with ourselves and each other.  As we do, this has a resonating effect on the whole.  We can disagree without condemnation.  We can be open to compromise.  The national experience is so often a reflection of what we are doing, tolerating, in our personal lives and businesses.  We can raise our standards and see what impact that has on our national conversation.  That we can do.

Could I express more love and appreciation?  Today, we could spend more time with your kids – on the phone, in person.  Hug and kiss them.  Tell them how wonderful they are.  Tell the teachers in our lives how much we care for them, too.  Let’s do this.

These things I can work on.  The other stuff…I will let it go.  May you find joy and purpose in your life today.  It’s there.  It is always there.