HawkPlan… or be planned for. If you don’t craft your intention, you may fall into someone else’s plan. And what they have planned for you may not suit you. So consider what you want, and plan for it. Clarity simplifies your life and energizes your dreams. This is the basis of solid business – and life – planning.

That is what I believe. And I am a big on planning. I do it regularly, weekly, religiously.

So, how did I get so frustratingly busy? How come what I really really want is not on my calendar? Why am I dreading the New Year? How did I get…lost?

Those were the questions I was asking as I went for a run the other day. Usually January dawns for me as a bright light of opportunity. This year, I’m shaking my head at my over-booked calendar. Ugh! As I was running, I was wondering how I was going to fit it all in. Then, all of a sudden, an idea occurred to me. I could stop doing one-to-one consulting. BAM. The bright light returned. And a hawk flew overhead. And I had raging goose bumps. I take all of those as very good signs that I am on the right track with that idea.

How about you? Did this year begin with a whoosh of optimism? Or, have you found yourself frustrated by seemingly insurmountable challenges? “Here I am again. Same problems, a year later.” Ugh. Perhaps you could go for a run. Or a walk. Or visit a museum. Or spend some time sketching or welding or some other creative activity. Consider doing something that will change your energy and physiology. As you do, be willing to ask the big questions, like, “Am I doing what I want to do?” And be willing to receive inspiration.

I shared my “aha” moment with my sister, Trish. She said, “Did this awareness sneak up on you or did it hit you like a thunderbolt?” Reflecting back, I realize now that it was both. I can see that every time I was scheduling work on the weekends, at night, and saying no instead of yes to what I wanted to do, I was setting the stage for the thunderbolt. I’m not flaky. I’m not lazy. I’m busy. Something has to go. When I allowed the thought, I could stop doing one-on-one consulting, it hit me between the eyes. Of course. That would free up my time. More importantly, I could focus my energy on what I really want to do…

  • Help as many people as I can find freedom – lifestyle freedom, financial freedom – by starting and fixing – their own profitable business. I can reach more people via the internet, group programs and a TV show. Fun!
  • Create a ‘boots on the ground’ service business. I’ve been laying a foundation with my partner, Al Levi, to identify a few “Power Partners” who have the potential for multi-shop expansion. This year is the year to go all in and make it happen. Cool!

How nice to gain such clarity! I am grateful for the inspiration. The next mile of my run, I was flying.

Then, I got scared. That represents a big chunk of income. And, what if I am…wrong? What if I fail at what I really really want to do?

Then, I got sad. I love working one-on-one with lots of different clients. It’s rewarding and challenging. Like “Super Nanny,” I am so proud of everything they accomplish and every problem solved.

Still. I honor the inspiration. I’ve updated my Biz Plan and I am energizing a new course of action. How can I not?

How about you? What has to go so that you can grow?

I will be making my services available through new and expanding Webinar and Online Workshop programs. Like our “Free and Clear” Debt Reduction Online Workshop, coming up on January 31st, 2012. There is a powerful opportunity to learn and share in a group setting that will benefit everyone on the call.

Another way to work and learn together: The Bare Bones Biz Q&A Webinar. We’ll keep you posted as we schedule free-wheeling, interactive sessions to discuss any problems you bring to the party. Should you have a challenge or a business problem, send it to me via our Contact Us page. I’ll respon