• Ellen Rohr about Men and Women Pay

Why Women Make Less Money Than Men

The oft reported statistic is that women, on average, make about 79% of what men make for doing equivalent work.  (For more details, AAUW is a great resource.) Is that fair? Nope. We can improve this situation, if we are willing to do what we can do. Once upon a time, I left my [...]

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Time To Hire Your First Employee?

Ready to go...UN-solo?  Perhaps you've been thinking about adding a new team member.  Maybe your first?  It can be a bit UN-nerving! Once upon a time, I hired phenomenal Shauna, and committed to TWO hours...a month! If you want to grow your company, or buy a bit of time off, bringing on a team member can [...]

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The Twinkie Takedown

Denny’s, Papa John’s, Hostess Twinkie…These companies highlight concerns about government regulation, intervention, and growing fears about the impact of healthcare costs. As Hostess employees look for new jobs, let’s start a conversation about what this mean to YOU? Let’s start with healthcare… […]

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Grow Your Own Wonderful Team

Victory HVAC’s training classroom Record unemployment?  You wouldn’t know it from the number of business owners I hear from looking for employees. “You just can’t find good, qualified help.” Well, that’s just whining.  And it’s not true.  The world, your market area, is full of wonderful people.  If you are willing to create [...]

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Skip the Pep Talk – How to Improve Employee Morale

Attitude: a mental position or feeling with regard to a fact or state. As business owners, we love to discuss ways to improve our employees’ attitudes. Throw a party! Tell inspiring stories at the company meeting! Put Successories™ posters on the wall! Give ‘em a pep talk. These things aren’t bad. But, none of those [...]

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