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The Biggest Marketing Platform is TV

Greetings! Consider this: Donald Trump was a reality TV star and now he is President of the United States of America. Whether you love or loathe him, that is a powerful endorsement for the impact of Television.  TV is how we came to know him.  TV is the world's biggest platform.  If you have [...]

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Who Taught You Business Basics?

Business is pretty easy.  I wish we taught accounting and finance basics in sixth grade.  Alas, I didn’t even learn how to balance a checkbook during my high priced stint at a private college for a Business Administration degree.  However, once I learned business basics – stumbling through our family business and with the help of great [...]

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How To Run a Family Business: 6 Simple Rules

Ah, the dream of running your own business!  Until it turns into a nightmare.  Does this sound familiar?  Mr. Know It All decides to go into business for himself.  He is good at what he does, so he gets really busy.  Certainly, he is too busy to do all the administrative work like accounting, answering [...]

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Katherine to Warren: I need financial help.

Once upon a time, Business Mogul Warren Buffett bought the Washington Post newspaper. The previous owner and publisher at the time was Katharine Graham. Her father built the paper and transitioned it to Phil Graham, Katharine’s husband. Katherine took on the publishing duties when her husband committed suicide. She guided the newspaper to editorial greatness, [...]

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