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Want to Win? Gotta Enter!

Once upon a time, Leroy died, went to heaven and had a meeting with the big guy. "God, I have just one question for you," said Leroy.  "All I ever wanted was to win the lottery.  I asked, I prayed, every day.  I never won. Why wouldn't you grant my only request?" To which God replied, "Leroy, [...]

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You Are Never Too Old to Start a Business

Every now and then I feel the constraints of time.  On good days, it spurs me to get going.  On rough days, it makes me wonder, "Do I have enough time?  Am I too old to dream so big?" Then, I call Earl.  Earl Fultz entered and WON $25,000 in the Wells Fargo Works Project [...]

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Great Business Gift Ideas

(View video on YouTube) Manners promote peace, friendship…and sales! Growing up, my sisters and brother and I were fortunate to have a mother who taught us good manners.  Yai Yai gave us a rule that if you are going to visit someone, you should bring a gift. Bringing a [...]

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Build Your Business Roster

I’ve had about 100 jobs. Yet I can count on one hand the number of times I have shown up on my first day of work and known who my boss was and what my position in the company was. The Organizational Chart is a graphic description of those [...]

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Wells Fargo Works for your business! (Enter the Contest)

What I know for sure?  That my purpose in life is to help people find freedom – financial freedom, lifestyle freedom – in a business of their own.  So, I said YES when Wells Fargo (@WellsFargo) asked me to participate in the Wells Fargo Works Project, to help James and Deundra Hundun of U.A. Academy.  Together, [...]

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