The Organizational ChartI’ve had about 100 jobs. Yet I can count on one hand the number of times I have shown up on my first day of work and known who my boss was and what my position in the company was. The Organizational Chart is a graphic description of those two things.

#1 It is the roster for your company. Super helpful. And you can then springboard from the Org Chart to Position Descriptions. Create a short bulleted list of responsibilities for each Position. For example: for the Bookkeeper Position, list…

  • Enter invoices
  • Apply customer payments
  • Enter bills… Etc. Keep the list objective and behavioral.

#2– As I was thinking about the Org Chart I was reminded of a company who has their roster nailed down: The Magical Elves Production Company. I had the opportunity to work with them on the Wells Fargo Works program. Shout out to that rockin’ crew!

When everyone knows their job and can be successful in it, the result is fantastic, magical teamwork. How cool that we got to create the fantastic videos that serve to kick off one amazing contest.

Have you entered the Wells Fargo Works contest? You could win $25,000 and an expert help to grow your business! Better hurry! Biz Tip #2 is to just say YES to serendipitous opportunities and cool contests!