Zoom_training_140722Here’s a snippet from a recent conversation with a plumbing contractor…

“If Bob knew what Steve was making per hour he would quit on the spot.  But I had to pay Steve a premium to get him to come work for us.  What else can I do?  It’s so hard to find good people.”

And it’s even harder to keep them if you are keeping secrets.  The problem is bigger than “finding out” what someone else makes.  Let’s consider a different approach.  What if everyone knew what everyone else was paid?  What if you created a transparent career path and helped the people on your team develop personally and professionally?  What if you created an honorable game and gave team members a reason to believe in you and your mission?

There is no judgement here.  Only love and a call to action:  There are great people everywhere.  You can find them and inspire them and help them grow personally and professionally.  How much and how you pay them is one way to demonstrate your integrity and character.

Jim and Jason Criniti have created a really cool company, Zoom Drain and Sewer. All employees know what every other employee is paid.  They train and help each other and work towards the next step on the salary ladder.  They review the financials and the cash flow statement together.  It’s all part of a commitment to elevate a dirty job into something amazing.  Their team buys it, and actually drives it.  They are inspiring Jim and Jason to grow the company and opportunities.   recent training day in 90 degree heat.  They show up and work hard.  Break each others’ shoes a bit.  Learn and grow.  So good. 

Intrigued?  Good!  Let’s discuss great ways to pay and incentive-ize your team members.  It’s a way to show them you love them, you appreciate them and you treat people fairly and respectfully.  That is no small thing…and helps you build an extraordinary enterprise.  I’m hosting an action packed, interactive LIVE Online Workshop – How to Create a Winning Employee Incentive Program on August 26th.