You go to the local meet-and-greet of business owners. Everyone is complaining about how hard business is because of…

* the economy
* a family member __________ (name)
* cheap customers
* rotten employees

Sigh. Let them run against the wind. What if you turned around and went the other way. Just because if what they are doing is so hard, the other way might be easier. More profitable. So often, it is.

Vibram Five Fingered “shoes” is rocking the running shoe industry by going the opposite direction of Nike and Reebok and New Balance. These guys are imagining that running would be better without shoes at all…so they have created an “anti-shoe.” It’s different and I think they have it right.

So, take a clue from other business owners. Don’t do what they do. Turn around and go with the flow. It’s easier and you just might make some money.

xo$, Ellen

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