I just put a training schedule for a half marathon on my calendar. It helps me actually GO running instead of talk about running when I am training for an event.

I know this for sure: There comes a point in the training where it gets easier. If I have been slacking off, the first couple of weeks are…painful! Then, I get past that. As I run, I notice that a mile or two has gone by while I have been daydreaming or enjoying the weather. There is this moment – usually unremarkable – when you realize, the tide has turned. You are fitter than you were before. You got…better! It’s a great feeling.

And it will happen in your business if you just stay the course. Get clear on what your WANT. Stick to your training. Distract yourself and notice lovely little things that are going right all around you. Then, like my friend Ed shared with me yesterday, you’ll notice that the tide has turned. Ed told me…

“Lisa is the new bookkeeper. She told me that she loves working here because there are none of the usual job politics or backstabbing that she has so often experienced in office work. Wow. A couple of years ago, you could cut the drama in the office with a knife. Then, I got tired of it. I refused to participate. I changed my approach and established systems. The tide has turned.”

And it feels great!

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xo$, Ellen