I LOVED the OWN network contest for Oprah’s next TV star.  (Still waiting on the announcement…fingers crossed!)  I was inspired to put my own TV show together.  “Fix My Biz!”  Here’s the concept…

Send me a video describing your Biz challenge.  I’ll post it…and share sure-fire advice for solving the problem or helping you lasso the opportunity.  That’s the idea:  Businesses FIXED here. 

Send me your video…and I will pick one video challenge per month.  I’ll post my response video and call you out to get the FIX…IN.  If I don’t know how, I will find out for you.  No problem too great.  It’s all a matter of getting clear on what you want…and taking inspired action in the direction of your dreams.  If you are stuck, you could get unstuck.  If you really want to and if you are willing to think new thoughts and take right action.  Are you ready?

Your own business can be a path to peace, prosperity and FREEDOM!  Need a little help?  Let’s fix it! 

Are you willing to do what you can do?  Are you ready to deal with the issues that stand in the way? 

Me, too. 

xo$, Ellen 

PS…Put your “Fix My Biz” video together.  In it, tell me your business challenge.  What’s the problem?  What’s the opportunity?  Be specific!  Have some fun…and upload it to my Facebook Fan Page or send to  Go go go!