Dear Ellen,

Winning the lottery would be the answer to my money problems.  Got any tips? 


Feel N. Lucky

Dear Ms. Lucky,

Wow!  It’s mind boggling to consider.   The last Mega Millions jackpot was the largest in history.  Three winners are over $200 million richer!  Did you buy a ticket?  Are you enticed by the possibility of instant mega-wealth?  Well, get ready for the next big one.   Here’s a sure fire plan to WIN the Lottery!

Step 1:  Think Abundant Thoughts.  Marianne Williamson suggests, “Imagine having everything.”  Consider what it would be like to have no boundaries on what you want to have.  What would you do with that freedom?  Who would you become?

  • It takes discipline to change from poverty thoughts to abundant thoughts.  Every time you catch yourself tensing up about money or thinking about how broke you are…STOP.  Instead, consider how it would feel to have enough of everything you want.  Just pretend.
  • Money is essentially a flow, not a stockpile.  Money is just an exchange of energy.  There is no there there.  Have you read, “Wealth of Nations,” by Adam Smith?  Smith, was a Scottish philosopher and economist and he lived from 1723-1790.   He introduced our founding fathers to the concept of the “invisible hand of the market.”  The free market works because of our belief in it.  If not for that, currency is just paper.
  • Like a professional athlete, when you are loose and relaxed, you play better.  When you are loose and relaxed about money, you can make better, faster, more abundant decisions about money.  So, lighten up.

Step 2:  Give Thanks for What You Have Now.  Start now, and let every interaction with money trigger a, “Thank you.”

  • A thousand times a day, give thanks.  “I’m grateful that I can pay this bill.”  “I’m thankful that I was loaned the money for this car.”  “I’m grateful for the penny I just found.”  “I’m grateful for my job, and my paycheck.”  “I’m thankful for my clients who pay me to do what I love to do.”  Make it a habit.
  • Consider, over your lifetime, how much money has been given to you?  Tens, hundreds of thousands of dollars?  Millions?  You’ve already won the lottery!

Step 3:  Create Money!  Win the Mega Millions.  Create your own fortune.  Or…both!

  • Buy one ticket.  That’s all it takes.  If you are playing the odds, you are wasting time and energy.  The odds are forever NOT in your favor.  Instead, buy one ticket and put it in a dresser drawer.  Forget about it and repeat Steps 1 and 2.
  • Build a profitable business.  Figure out how to sell something for more than it costs.  Create a profit and you create money where there was none, and you can do it in an instant.  You can add a business to your life even if you have a job.  There are lots of great reasons to have a business of your own.  One of the most compelling reasons:  The power of creating your own money.

There you have it!  A sure-fire plan for creating riches.  One of my mentors told me that the only reason you want anything you don’t now have is that you think it will make you feel better.  What if, instead of waiting, you choose to feel better…now.  These Steps are guaranteed to make you feel better.  Happier.  More relaxed.  More at peace.  And then, if your number comes up in the next Mega Millions drawing, it’s just gravy.

That’s my plan, anyway.  I’ll let you know how it works out!  (Do the same for me…keep me in the loop about your expanding wealth and happiness!)

“Trust in God but tie your camel.”  ~ Anonymous