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Restitution – Finding a Road Forward

Greetings! A few years back, I discovered a cleaning contractor, Randy MacKenzie, who was teaching at a prison in Oklahoma.  He was using my books as part of his curriculum. I paid him a visit to see what he was up to.  To my surprise, the class was full of kind, polite, enthusiastic people, [...]

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How to Create a Profitable Business Plan

Pull out your business plan and take a look at your mission, your vision and your goals for this year. How’s it going? What? No plan? No problem. Just consider how last year went and that’s what will probably happen this year. Only a little worse. Or maybe a little better. This year is moving [...]

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How an Ex-Con Will Survive on the “Outside”

When I first visited CCA Davis Correctional, what struck me is how much the guys “inside” look like everyone else “outside.” For some, being incarcerated is the only way to keep society safe. For others, once they’ve served their sentence, they should be free and welcome to reenter society. But…would you hire an ex-con? Probably [...]

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Business Planning at Davis Correctional…

I love our students at Davis Correctional! No one complains or gripes in this class. (That's not something I can say about many of my students!) These fellows want a better life...starting now. Their energy is inspiring. Their questions and discussions are focused on solutions. Even though they are in prison, they are free to [...]

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A Return to Freedom…

Greetings!Robert is a student in Randy Mackenzie’s Commercial Cleaning Class at Davis Correctional, Holdenville, OK. Randy teaches cleaning skills…and so much more. I visit his class every 6 weeks to work on business planning with the students.Robert sits in the front row. He has never missed a class…and that takes some doing given the restraints [...]

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Business Survival Skills…for Inmates

About a year ago, I received a book order for 30 books from Corrections Corporation of America. Hmm. I wondered about that. Then, I got busy and forgot about it. Recently, I received another order from Corrections Corporation of America…for another 30 books. This time, I followed my curiosity and called the phone number on [...]

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Dreaming of FREEDOM this Holiday Season…

Greetings!I LOVE visiting the Commercial Cleaning Class at the Davis Correctional Facility. (This is me, Gail and Max at the gate.) These fellows are the least whiney people I know. They don't care about the economy. They are just focused on getting their chance. Dues paid, time spent...they are anticipating freedom."How do you know when [...]

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Would you hire an ex-con?

Greetings!I just finished teaching a Bare Bones Biz Planning class at the Davis Correctional Facility. I learned about Randy and his Commercial Cleaning Class when he ordered my books to use as part of his business building curriculum. He asked if I would participate in one of their sessions. Hot Rod and I drove to [...]

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