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Where’s the Money?

Hotrod and I spent the weekend at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) Energy Fair.  Hotrod represented Caleffi and put on a couple of workshops on Solar heating and troubleshooting.  It was fun to watch him present!  He is so smart...and knows so much about this brilliant, planet saving technology.  I am proud of him, [...]

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Problems with Price Books?

Are you sold on flat rate pricing? (a.k.a. upfront pricing, straight forward pricing or bid pricing.) I hope so. There are lots of reasons why it’s a good idea. The number one reason? Your customers want to know how much it’s going to cost before they agree to a repair or a replacement. So maybe [...]

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Is Your Flat Rate Price Book Setting You Up to FAIL?

Ride Alongs are essential for building relationships with Techs and Customers. I've hopped in the truck over one hundred times. The number of times I've seen a Service Tech use the Flat Rate Price Book the way you THINK he is supposed to be using it? Zero. Not once have I seen the presentation that [...]

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How To Raise Your Prices

Year end is a great time to consider the year to come.  Review the wins and losses and vow to make 2014 even better.  Update your Budget.  Consider what costs are going up. Health insurance?  Yep.  Retirement benefits?  You aren't getting any younger.  New trucks?  Hey, it's time.   Then, create a top line Sales [...]

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Are You “Cliff Diving” with the Wrong Pricing?

You want to make more sales and more money. Good for you. And it’s good business. Here’s the problem. More sales at a losing selling price is like cliff diving into Lake Powell. You might not hit bottom, but you might. It’s going to hurt if you don’t know what’s below. If you don’t know [...]

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You may be losing $100 per day

My buddy Steve Stone, of Shubee’s, Inc., is a meat-and-potatoes business builder.  Did you know that each day you may be losing $100? And that you can easily capture those loses by paying attention to a few “under the radar” items.  It’s about excellence in operations…and about saving $100!  Read on… Let’s Do the Math…  [...]

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