Let Go of What is Beyond Your Control

Sigh.  It’s been a tough week.  There is the stress that the Holidays can bring.  And, we have been frustrated by political infighting about the fiscal cliff and the national debt.  Then, the tragedy of another senseless mass murder, inexplicably taking the lives of first graders and their teachers.  What to think?  What to do?  It [...]

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Are you encouraging texting and driving?

Here’s a pic of me and Jerod, elbow deep in a furnace.  Jerod is everything you look for in a technician…nice, polite, skilled, ethical and ambitious.  He deeply cares about his customers and fellow team members.  Jerod just graduated from his company’s field supervisor training course and is determined to make a powerful, positive impact.  [...]

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How to Look Discouragement in the Eye

In business, you will have days where the plan, well, just takes too long. Or you have unexpected road blocks. No worries! That's where the good stories come from. And, that's when you count on your success skills to help you overcome disappointment and bounce back fast. Need some solid strategies for surviving the tough times? We all face it. [...]

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Career Quilting

As a kid, I operated with a simple career plan:  If I wanted to learn how to do something, I got a job doing that.  That’s how I became a skier…starting as a ski rental technician, becoming a ski patroller, and then a ski instructor.  I got a job at a marina so I could [...]

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Public Relations Tips for Small Business

These tips are just a BASIC outline. This will get you started for a creating effective conversations, systems and training at your company. The best plan is to prevent customer and public relation challenges by doing a great job and communicating effectively. Communication Rescue is about turning an unhappy customer into a happy customer…and keeping [...]

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“He said I ripped him off!”

Recently I got this email from someone who had been accused of ripping off his customer… Dear Ellen, One of my customers called this morning and said I ripped him off. This was after my tech quoted a price, he accepted it, we did the work, and he signed for the work. This morning he [...]

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Day of Doubt

Do you ever feel like you hate absolutely everything and everyone involved with your business? Do you wonder why you even show up in the morning? Do you fantasize about pitching it all and running away to Costa Rica? Do you doubt your ability to make the business a success, to make it WORK? On [...]

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The “B” Word

How’s business?  Are you happy with it? Are you better off than you were in at the beginning of the year?  Are your relationships more rewarding?  Is your bank account bigger? “You may delay but time will not.” ~Benjamin Franklin You have an opportunity to create the life you want starting right now.  It’s time [...]

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