When tax time rolls around, don’t file an extension.  Just get ‘er done!  Stay up late, turn off the TV, do what it takes to assemble what you need to get 2011 wrapped up.  A handy checklist can help you and your tax preparer nail down what’s needed.

If you have filed an extension, get your taxes done ASAP anyway.  You want those ending balances for last year so you can update your accounting system Balance Sheet balances…and make sure you are looking at true, current data for this year.  Use this point in time to raise your personal standards for accounting and accountability.  And, commit to making this year a mega-profitable year!

Watch the webinar above.  I chat it up with Gail Gudell – the world’s greatest accounting pro (and my big sister!) –about how to get to DONE.  We share all kinds of tips for working with your “Bean Counting Team” and getting caught up if you are WAAAAY behind.  We also talk about how to keep from being “surprised” by last minute taxes due.  And, we always have fun fun fun answering questions on the call.  Listen in and feel free to share this!

Here’s your best year yet!