5 Financial Survival Tips for the Suddenly Single

Perhaps you’ve opted for the stay-at-home lifestyle. You can get by on one person working and you are prioritizing children and family. Very cool! However, are you putting yourself at risk financially? Stuff happens. What if you were suddenly single? Would you be just fine? Or would you have to dig yourself out of a [...]

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Biz Planning is not Dieting…

Greetings! Ugh…dieting. No one wants to diet. Even the word has the word DIE in it! Dieting means deprevation, starvation and no fun. Do you think of Biz Planning that way? “Oh, I HAVE to get a business plan together. Ugh.” Instead of dieting, consider eating well and thoughtfully and joyously. You’ll probably lighten up [...]

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You get to decide how much is enough…

Greetings! It seems odd that so many people get their underwear in a bunch about proposed tax increases for the top 2% of all US Citizens. Hmmm. I suppose there is this idea that at some point we could all be part of that 2%. Aside from the problematic math, the core issue is… When [...]

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