How to Have EVERYTHING You Want

The Decided Redhead! Jean Ziglar Somewhere in the 1990s I attended a Peter Lowe Success Seminar.  It was a long lineup of world class speakers, including Colin Powell, Larry King and Barbara Bush. One of the speakers was Zig Ziglar. What a thrill to listen to his amazing voice, the way he "ennnuuunnnicated" [...]

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Meet Al Levi and The 7 Power Contractor!

Hurray!  Al Levi, all around great guy and outstanding business expert, has released The 7 Power Contractor...your soon to be latest, favorite business book! I consider Al one of my best friends.  When it comes, to business, well, he has been there, done that and made tons of money.  Best of all, he [...]

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Business Makeover Tip #3: Ask For, Offer To Help!

Sometimes you need a hand.  Sometimes you can offer one.  Be willing to do both. My great friend, Nancy Michaels, posted a Rant on Saturday.  Thanks, Nancy, for this reminder:  Your best business will be a reflection of YOU, not anyone else.  Mentors, consultants, other businesspeople, can all play a powerful part in your business [...]

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How BAD Are Your Meetings?

Bueller? Your meetings don’t have to devolve into gripe sessions, and a waste of billable hours. You can do better. A tight, short, focused meeting can be an opportunity to communicate, to get on the same page, to teach something and learn something. If you don’t have an agenda for [...]

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Making a Business Plan

Greetings! Once upon a time I met Dan Holohan in the pages of a trade magazine. “You should read this,” my husband Hot Rod offered, as he handed me the mag. “Great,” I replied with the sarcasm of a New Yorker. “Just can’t enough of steam radiators.” I read the article. I met Dan, and [...]

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Business Survival Skills…for Inmates

About a year ago, I received a book order for 30 books from Corrections Corporation of America. Hmm. I wondered about that. Then, I got busy and forgot about it. Recently, I received another order from Corrections Corporation of America…for another 30 books. This time, I followed my curiosity and called the phone number on [...]

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