Your meetings don’t have to devolve into gripe sessions, and a waste of billable hours. You can do better. A tight, short, focused meeting can be an opportunity to communicate, to get on the same page, to teach something and learn something. If you don’t have an agenda for the meeting, it can descend into chaos or boredom. (Bueller…Bueller?  Anyone?)  It’s easier to edit than to create from scratch, so here’s a sample agenda for a company-wide meeting:

  • Read the company mission statement. This is a gathering of the troops. Lead them to victory! Share your vision of the company. Insist that each employee memorizes the company mission statement.  You could offer $5 to anyone who can recite it on the spot.
  • Have a Topic and a “Guest Star.” Invite someone to introduce the topic and share insights.  This could be a team member, a friend who is a business owner, or a video clip!  Here’s a Six Minute Meeting I put together for Todd Liles of Service Excellence Training. I love his concept:  Deliver solid content in six minutes and create a meeting that matters.  (Thanks, Todd for asking me to play.  In my Six Minute Meeting I focus on business planning.  Owners are well served to have a Biz Plan.  Ambitious employees could benefit by putting one together, too.  Check it out!)

  • Discuss Big Wins of the last week and acknowledge the winners.  Make a big deal out of great performances.  If you have posted the information on the shop wall, everyone already knows the top salesperson or contest winner.  Still, make a formal presentation to the weekly winners.  Read glowing customer response card information.  Did someone do a particularly nice job with an angry customer?  Act out the ‘save’ with the responsible employee.  Clap, stand up and cheer, crown the winners with a tiara made of nail strips. Think Golden Globe.  Think Oscars.  Think Harvard Hasty Pudding.